Brian Lenahan

CEO, Aquitaine Innovation Advisors
AI Leadership Strategist

Why Artificial Intelligence is So Critical in Landing Corporate Contracts In 2019 And Beyond

If you want to do business with corporate clients, you can't avoid the subject of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

This is especially true when you need to stand out from the competition.

Corporate leadership teams are trying to navigate the immense change in technologies and train their people to use AI efficiently. And that means they need outside experts who are following the trends and have their finger on the pulse of the best practices for using AI.

In this exciting interview, Brian will give you practical tips told in layperson's terms on the best practices for wowing your corporate prospects and build incredible opportunities to help them integrate AI. Plus you'll also learn how they - and you - can leverage AI-powered sales tools to help position them as truly agile organizations.

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Watch this space for Brian's interview between March 8th-10th. 
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About Brian Lenahan

Brian Lenahan is an Artificial Intelligence Strategy expert having received his AI training at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management and is pursuing a Doctorate in Innovation & Strategy.

During a 25-year career, including executive roles at TD Bank US and Canada, Brian has led multi-million dollar programs, and teams of over 150 employees in the US, Canada and indirectly in India. He has experience in numerous industries (Financial Services, Computer Services, Transportation, and Real Estate) and functions (Strategy, IT, HR, Operations, Learning, and Financial Crimes & Fraud).

Brian's latest projects include the AI strategy consulting firm Aquitaine Innovation Advisors, and co-founding a tech start-up called Rainmaker AI which helps businesses accelerate leveraging exciting methodologies and AI technologies.

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