carolina billings

CEO & Founder, Powerful Women Today

The Power of “The Ask”

Being solidly prepared before any corporate prospect outreach or discovery meeting is one of the KEY strategic pillars to successfully landing new business.

In fact, approximately 80% of consultants totally MISS the boat when it comes to being consultative, negotiating effectively, and instilling an emotional appeal that entices organizations to buy.  

In this mini-masterclass session, Carolina shares how she's achieved a 98% close rate by leveraging and positioning the outcome that perfectly aligns with the customer's needs.

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Watch this space for Carolina's interview between March 8th-10th. 
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About Carolina Billings

Carolina is the CEO and founder of Powerful Women Today, a forum for the empowerment and optimization of women’s emotional and financial status and lives.

As an executive entrepreneur with 15+ year’s leadership experience in the fields of Business Development, Leadership, Negotiations, Branding, Human Resources and Finance within the C-Suite, enabled her to develop an interdisciplinary approach to success has enabled her to become a leading business partner.

She is currently working on her doctorate in business administration and is a passionate advocate for women entrepreneurs working with crown and public corporations as partners in the development of programs to benefit and accelerate women’s success.