sabita singh

President and Founder, Trivetta Consulting, Inc
LinkedIn Coach

How to Grow Your Business as a LinkedIn All-Star

For small business owners, LinkedIn is one of the best places to be online and get great exposure to your target audiences.

That's why learning to leverage your presence on this powerful social media platform is crucial to your business success. The best way to get ahead of your competition is to develop an "all-star" profile.

Discover how you can achieve an "all-star" rating so you can build your reputation as an expert in your field, attract new leads and stay top-of-mind for new opportunities.

Join LinkedIn Coach Sabita Singh as she gives you practical, strategic advice for using the world's largest professional network to achieve your business goals!

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About Sabita Singh

Sabita Singh is the President and Founder of Trivetta Consulting Inc. Prior to forming her company in 2018, Sabita led digital and social media functions for organizations such as KPMG Canada, AstraZeneca Canada and Sun Life Financial.

In her last corporate role as the head of digital marketing at KPMG Canada, part of her mandate was to showcase KPMG’s thought leadership on LinkedIn to demonstrate the firm’s expertise across a wide range of industries. She also developed training programs to show executives how to build a strong presence on LinkedIn, as the top professional network in the world.

After recognizing the power of LinkedIn at KPMG, Sabita has specialized in becoming a LinkedIn coach. Sabita teaches entrepreneurs how to boost their LinkedIn presence, connections and business opportunities.

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